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Download the SpeedFire® Cone System Instructions. [430kb]

The SpeedFire® Cone System for Metal Clay (International Patent Pending) is the latest innovation in metal clay firing alternatives. Some of the many benefits it brings to metal clay enthusiasts are:

  • Fires all grades of metal clay to ideal temperatures

  • Accurate pyrometer temperature control in excess of 1650 degrees.

  • Easily fires more than of 100 grams of clay
  • Firing surface is over 3" in diameter

  • Visually see your work during the firing process

  • Long fuel life – 3 hours for about $2.00

  • Economical firing cost – under 40¢ each is typical

  • Propane cylinders are readily available

  • Fire metal clay with ceramic and glass beads

  • Enameler’s delight! See your work minutes after firing

  • Safe and easy to use - Simple instructions included

  • Comes complete with the SpeedFire® Cone, a specially designed propane burner, pyrometer and propane bottle base. Fuel tank not included, propane is available at most outdoor and mass merchant stores.

Now you can attach your SpeedFire® Cone System to larger size propane tanks and achieve:

• Extended burn time - 60+ hours with a standard 20 lb tank
• Lower operating costs - as low as 60¢ an hour
• Consistent gas pressure and temperature for longer firings

With a standard 20 lb tank (as used for barbecue pits) you will achieve a burn time of 60+ hours! This size tank can be purchased at Sam’s Club for $21.22 and in our area it can be filled for $12.00. This translates into an operating cost of only 60¢ an hour! Smaller more compact (and more expensive) tanks can be had in 11 and 4 lb sizes such as the one shown in the photograph.

SpeedFire® Cone during a firing.